May 31, 2019
Open Gaming
June 1-2, 2019
KoW Tournament


The Improper Bostonian
Dennis Port, MA

Join the New England War Kings (NEWK) for our annual Kings of War grand tournament!

Questions? Don't hesitate to email us directly at or reach out on Facebook!


Send $70.00 via PayPal to and/or register on Facebook.

Legal identification (21+) will be required for admittance to the venue! Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase throughout, but true War Kings drink responsibly.


Coming soon!


All events take place at the venue.

Friday, May 31 Evening Open gaming
Saturday, June 1 10:00am
Tournament start
Open gaming
Sunday, June 2 Afternoon Awards ceremony

Tournament Rules

Orc Town GT will be played over five rounds, using the 20/0 scoring system, and following the Clash of Kings 2019 rules. These rules replace previous editions of Clash of Kings (CoK).

Scenarios will be chosen from CoK 2019, as well.

Full tournament pack will be available soon.

Army Composition

2350 points.

All units from CoK 2019 are allowed.

  • Maximum of 4 of the same unit type.
  • Maximum of 3 of any hero, monster, or war machine.
  • Maximum of 1 of any allied unit type.